Our first blog post!


Well here it is!

Sonny and Flo Candy Cart and Event Hire- the first blog post!

When it comes to weddings, I am always bursting with thoughts and ideas, so I thought I’d share some of them here with you, and give you a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Sonny and Flo, along with a few things and people that inspire me!

First of all, I guess I should introduce myself.

I am Sian, im 33 years old, and  I live in Essex along with my partner , our beautiful little boy Sonny and our two dogs, Roman and Small.


I like many women, struggled to decide if I wanted to go back to work, after having Sonny,  full time, part time, or to try something completely different!

After a few false starts, I decided on the latter.

I first started with a little online shop, making accessories for women, children and the home. But it became even more full time than if I’d gone back to my full time job! I needed to spend more time with my son and decided to let it go.

The creative streak in me didn’t stay dormant for long, and a friend of mine mentioned she was selling her candy cart and asked if I’d like to give it go.

And that’s how Sonny and Flo was born, namesake of our darling boy and our beautiful niece.

I decided from the start, that my cart would not be average, that it would be decorated exquisitely, for every occasion, and laden with sweets.

I decided I’d take a hands on approach with my clients and be there every step of the way to produce a cart so special and so personal to them that it would be the most perfect extra touch on their special day.

This does mean a lot of hard work for me, many hours of researching, designing, and emailing back and forth with my clients, but I adore it and I thrive on it.

My hope for Sonny and Flo is to grow as a company, to over time, provide more and more beautiful things for my clients to buy or hire, to make their special days that little bit extra special.

And I guess what I hope to achieve with this blog, is to give you an insight, into all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, the days weeks and months of planning, every little detail. How in my case, having this business is not about bringing a candy cart to you and ‘plonking’ some sweets on it, and then charging you lots of money because the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned.

I hope to change that perception.


Im so passionate about what I do, I absolutely love it, and I hope you will love what I do too.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog post.

Lots of love

x S x

Sonny and Flo